I am a project slut.

Seriously- I promise myself I will finish a project. I love having FOs to use and show off, and though my resolution this year was to have more project fidelity, as it were, I am failing miserably.

I don’t want to cheat. Really. I start off with the best intentions- casting on socks for my chilly feet, a hat for my brother, or maybe a KAL in a Ravelry group. For a few days (up to a week!) I am interested, engaged, I put my heart and soul into working on a project. Then I’ll read up on a new technique, or think up a new pattern…and I know I have the yarn in my stash.

It starts to take over my brain, like the haze of new infatuation. The yarn’s siren call drifts through my brain. I steel myself towards it. I say, “Self, you DON’T need another UFO. You have projects to finish! You will LOVE having (socks, scarf, hat, whatever) when you are done!”

Yet somehow I will find myself casting on for that new project. I won’t even realize I’ve done it until I’m partway through, and starting to get bored. And I know, just KNOW that something else will take its place, and I’ll start a new project…but I just can’t help myself!

I am compelled to project infedelity. Maybe someday I’ll change my ways, but for now I’m simply a cheater.