For the Super Bowl, I always get into the spirit of competition. This year, I’ve decided to do a knitting challenge that will get me going…and hopefully continue the project finishing streak I’ve been on! Throughout the game, I’m going to work on unfinished objects, to see what I can complete before the end of the game.

First half: Working on Brother’s twisted rib hat. Started with: 2.5″. Needs 3″ more of straight ribbing, crown decreases/shaping, blocking. Completed! Ready to block during halftime.

Second half: Wind 2nd skein of yarn and continue Dad’s Scarf. Started with: 3′ of scarf. Needs 2.5′ more in scarf pattern, blocking. I only finished winding the ball (by hand) and a few inches of pattern.

But I’m actually pretty impressed that I got the hat done. It’s single-ply, rather splitty black wool in a 2×2 rib- just boring enough to be tedious, and just complicated enough to not be mindless. It’s taken me forever to finish it, because it’s just so boring and hard to see the stitches. It’s finally done!