I’ve been suffering through the flu for the last few days. It’s not the being sick that bothers me…it’s being so tired that I can’t even knit. All I’ve done is read Ravelry, sleep, or watch daytime TV (I have a whole thing on why TV commercials- especially daytime and late night- are really interesting from a social standpoint, but that’s for another day).

Now, however, I’m feeling much better. Which is perfect, because The Boy requested a scarf a few weeks ago. Now, this may not seem like a difficult request- but we’re talking about the plainest dresser on. the. planet. Cables are too “froofy” for him; he doesn’t like any colors but black, brown, and grey. He thought a garter-stitch scarf would be the PERFECT thing to wear this winter (mind you, an appropriate-length scarf would be, oh, 72″ of garter stitch). I wanted to cry.

Eventually, we agreed on the Yarn Harlot’s One-Row Handspun Scarf, done in a plain grey alpaca. With some stripes, even! They’re black, but they’re there! I’m so relieved…it’s actually coming out quite well; I would totally recommend the pattern for both an unusual, fun handspun OR a plainer yarn (as it looks great in both)!