Woke up at some obscene hour to a loud knocking on the door. Who would come by at this hour? I’m not getting up…Boy puts on some pants and goes to look out the peephole.

He returned in approximately one second, in a complete panic. “Police!”

If there is nothing else in the world that gets you up, early-morning police visits will do that to you.

I was fully awake before my feet hit the floor. I think I broke a land-speed record getting dressed and to the front door. There I see a 6’5″, 280-lb officer filling the doorway, firing questions at us.

My public service announcement for the day: people, if you have Vonage or other internet/phone service and you move, please PLEASE make sure your phone number is registered to your current address. If you don’t, the police will NOT be able to find you when you dial 911. And that is scary.