What is it about certain yarns that make normally rational people lose all sense?

To get this out of the way- yes, I can be a little bit of a yarn snob.

Okay, if I’m knitting for my college-age siblings, or my nephews, I’m not going to use anything good or something they might ruin…why set them up for failure? Acrylics all the way! And I don’t care what other people use on their projects- I’ve seen some amazing projects using Red Heart. To each their own. For me, though, I am picky. I’ve tried to love the squeaky, the itchy. Please not this does not mean “acrylics” and “Noro,” respectively. There have been cashmere blends that I’ve put back, and more rustic wools that I’ve loved. No rhyme or reason at all.

All of my yarn-loves have a little je ne sais quoi that set them apart from other, similar yarns. I’m also well aware that other people don’t like these yarns and find them difficult to work with. Intellectually I’m fine with that- though there’s a purely emotional reaction, like someone has just insulted my mom, that claws its way out. Suddenly I need to defend my yarny reputation! Don’t you SEE all the loveliness that is my yarn love? And then I realize I’m being incredibly silly.

I like sleep and hate feeling anxious. But I’ve stayed awake/woken early in hopes of Wollmeise updates. I’ve stalked destashes to find Schaefer lace. And I’ve almost bought out my LYS supply of Malabrigo worsted (kidding. Well, mostly.). I keep telling myself that I’m not crazy…if I keep saying it, does that make it true? (Hope, hope).

So tell me- what completely irrational thing have you done for the love of yarn?