Dear immune system,

Let’s be frank. I know that I haven’t been the greatest recently (lots of stress, not sleeping)…but I always try to take vitamins, eat well, and get some exercise in. I do understand that you’re not in the best of states, but really? I’ve been sick FOUR TIMES for at least a week since the end of January. This is a total of 6 weeks of illness in three months, or me being ill 50% of the time. I’ve  had just about enough. There is no reason why I should be this sick this often. It’s inexcusable. As much as I dislike the doctor, I will march your (er, my) butt in there tomorrow if you do not start working ASAP. Thanks in advance and I look forward to your continued hard work.

Sincerely, the body you’re (supposedly) protecting.


Sigh. At least I’ve had lots of time to knit.