Well, now I am married! Hooray! Everything went well, had a great time, and now I’m back!

Brother graduated from university this Saturday (yep, a busy week!), so the Boy Husband and I took a side trip to the Mass. Sheep and Wool Festival. It was great! We were a little late, but enjoyed the showing and shearing exhibitions. My Hubs is apparently a 4-year-old on the inside…he had a grand old time pretending to be a “sheep-whisperer.” This consisted of him baa-ing at the sheep and “listening” to their responses. There were several amused bystanders :-p

There were tons of great vendors; everything from wheels to Eucalan to yarn. Oh, oh the YARN. If I had an unlimited budged and all the free time…
But. I had to control myself. I limited myself to a few things:

A lovely skein of superwash merino sock yarn from Spunky Eclectic. It’s a great bright purple, somewhat varigated, and super soft – I need to find the perfect pattern for it.

A sweater’s worth of worsted weight yarn from The Periwinkle Sheep. It’s a lovely light blue/green/lavender that I plan to make a short-sleeve cardigan with.

Three skeins of a wool/silk blend yarn. I can’t remember the shop I got it from…in fact, the yarn isn’t tagged, so I don’t even know the yardage or weight. I asked the fiber content but didn’t ask anything else! Comparing it to other skeins, it seems to be between 100-150 yds, and weighs 1.75 oz…so roughly DK weight(?) I think…
The color is GORGEOUS, a dark teal blue with lighter slubs that make it look almost tweedy. The color plus the insanely cheap price (less than $15!) made me purchase it despite the lack of information.

Despite the raging sunburn I got, we had a great time- I’ve definitely decided to go to either Stitches or Rheinbeck (one can dream, can’t one?)this fall!