Okay. Normally I don’t love knitting deadlines. I feel like it takes all of the joy and love out of making things- and if it’s work, it’s not relaxing. Why would I want a hobby that’s work?

However. I noticed that my sock yarn has grown…exponentially. I can currently make 20+ pairs of socks with my stash. And darling Boy is starting to grumble at the growing quantity of yarn. It’s time to make some into FOs…but I need some motivation!

To deal with the possible (probable) sock-boredom, I have 3 strategies in place.
First…I am allowing myself to not make 52 pairs. (I know, this is sort-of against the plan. However, I am aiming to make as many as I can; I won’t self-flagellate if I can’t get there.)
Second, I always have 2 pairs going. A complicated pair for when I want to concentrate, and a simpler pair for TV/mindless knitting.
Finally, I’m working on a sweater. Whenever I want. I knit a little at a time, when I feel like it, and I don’t worry that the socks aren’t getting knit. I am allowing myself to work on non-sock projects without feeling badly about it.

So here goes! First pair (Sandalwood Socks) are done, and the next two pair- Herringbone Rib socks in Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome in the Tropical Storm colorway, and Pillar socks in Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet in colorway #10. Both patterns can be found on Ravelry.

Wish me luck, and I’ll keep you updated on my progress!