1. Learned two-at-a-time sock knitting. No more second sock issues = priceless.

2. Slooooowly trying to finish up a sock I made before the t-a-a-t switch.

3. In the midst of all this knitting, remembered I have tendinitis. Painfully.

4. Hubs tears MCL. Knitting time turns into “help hubs untie shoes/get a drink/fold laundry” time.

5. Decide 3 CO socks, with my whole HOUR of knitting time per day, isn’t enough and CO a summer wrap.

6. Become frustrated with all projects, dream of CO something else with some new lovely yarn.

7. Force self to finish at least ONE project before starting something new. Become sullen. Stay that way.

8. Instead, decide to spend time on Ravelry. Try to forget about projects while browsing more pretty FOs.

9. Sit on sock needle. Remind myself I have projects to finish, and I better get on it…

10. Blog instead.