Have to take Hubs in for an MRI. At three o’ clock. IN THE MORNING.
Sigh. Lots of knitting time, I suppose. I should get the socks I’m working on finished :).

Other than knitting, reading is one of my other favorite hobbies. I’m working on a list of classics that I haven’t yet read- thoroughly enjoying it! (Though, I still can’t get over my dislike of William Faulkner. There, I said it. Anyone who makes sentences that last an entire page is just off in my book.) Hopefully by the end of the summer, I should have made a good dent in the list. Currently, I’m in the middle of reading Madam Bovary and Pride and Prejudice.

52 Pair plunge is going…all right. After all that’s gone on this last month, I haven’t gotten much done, though I hope to catch up this next month.