Eighteen weeks and four days. One hundred thirty days. That’s the time left between now and Christmas Day 2009.

Now, normally I don’t make Christmas gifts – usually there is either a dearth of time, or a lack of projects that I’d even consider making. There are several people on my “List of People I Will Not Make Anything For;” these are the people who don’t understand/appreciate/value anything handmade- whether it be food, knitted or sewn things, whatever. For them, why bother wasting my time and skills? It hurts to not be able to gift certain things to people- it hurts worse to have something I’ve agonized over be totally rejected.

So. This year we have three toddlers and a baby in the family. They are cute and appreciate EVERYTHING that you do for them. Plus, they take a short time to make things for, and only use a little bit of material. I feel okay about making stuff for them…and if it turns out that they don’t appreciate it? Lesson learned and no more making stuff. I’m only purchasing yarn for one project at a time, and have to finish it before I start the next child’s gift. (This doesn’t include projects for ME of course!!)

First up? A modified zip-up hooded sweater (pieces taken from 2 or 3 patterns) for my little cousin. Will post progress pictures as they come!