Hmmmm…Wordpress seems to have eaten my last entry (about Rhinebeck) – I’ll have to repost later 🙂 Suffice for now to say that Rhinebeck involved a lot of planning but was SO worth it in the end!

And now, Christmas knitting.
At first, I was pretty much going to knit…nothing. Maybe a small something for the little ones in the family, but nothing major. I dislike major deadlines, and my family has not yet proved whether they can take care of knitting appropriately. Plus, I have so much I want to do for me, I would rather knit for my pleasure than knit up a Christmas gift that someone may or may not like.

However, life, as it is wont to do, has gotten in the way. So, with that in mind, I went through my stash and picked out several skeins of yarn that I have no use for, or that won’t fit the project I wanted to use it for. These became the “present skeins” – I love my family, but I draw the line at using my best-of-the-best yarn for things that I’m not sure they’ll care for (yes, it sounds terrible written out, but until and unless they prove knitworthiness, I’m resolutely saving my alpacas and cashmeres for myself).

Luckily, some of the skeins spoke to me and told me what they wanted to be. A burgundy-pink wool that I had dyed (and ended up not loving) is becoming a beret/fingerless knits for one of my sisters. I have a purple-green-blue variegated yarn that was intended to be a sweater, but it’s a little TOO variegated for my taste; it will become a scarf-and-mitten set for my other sister.

I’m giving myself PLENTY of time – I estimated the amount of time each project would take…and then doubled it. Hopefully that will be enough time! I’ll keep you updated on my progress as things come out.