This year I’ve decided I want to work on my finishing techniques (I didn’t make it a resolution this year, because it’s something that I want to work on leisurely). It seems as though of all the knitted FOs that I’ve seen, the ones that REALLY make me go “Wow! What an incredible piece!” are the ones that have been well finished. If you take a peek at expensive store-bought sweaters, they all have that one thing in common – it’s really all in the details! And really, if I’m going to take the time, money, and effort to make a hand-knitted sweater to my specifications…why not spend a little on something that will not only make it look fabulous, but that will allow it to wear better, as well?

I’ve decided to make a “test sweater” in order to try my hand at some of these techniques. For this first sweater, I’m going to concentrate on two specific areas – making a proper buttonband (reinforced with grosgrain ribbon, and having public and private buttons), and reinforcing the neck with silk ribbon or twill tape. Hopefully, when those have been mastered, I’ll make another sweater that does those plus one or two other techniques (seaming? lining? haven’t decided yet) until I’ve mastered it!