So the first objective I have is to determine what looks good on me – what plays up strengths and minimizes weaknesses. To do that, I have to look at myself critically and find strengths and weaknesses! Let’s get one thing clear though – by critically, I don’t mean ‘Pick apart every flaw that you have and make yourself cry.’ I mean, analyze yourself as if you are an inanimate object – you wouldn’t tear apart a streetlight for being too tall or a fire hydrant for being too red…just note its characteristics and move on.

I will start with the…less positive aspects of my figure:
I am not what you’d consider slender. I wear (on average) a US size 12.
I have wide hips.
I have short legs and a long torso.
All in all, it’s not horrible. But let’s see what I have to play up…
I have a nice shape – despite large hips, have a bustline that balances it out, and a narrow-ish waist
My butt is pretty cute (if I do say so myself)
I have very nice calves/lower legs that look good in heels

So what does that mean for me? When I look for clothes, I need to play up strengths…things that accentuate my curves, work well with my coloring, and fit well. I also need things that will make the weaknesses less so. One of the hardest things to come to terms with was to pick things that FIT, and fit well (not too big or small), despite what the written size is. With this information, I can jump into step 2.