So the next, long-awaited step was to organize (which took me some time, as I started traveling for work, and was never home!). It was suggested that I go through everything, donate/give away everything that didn’t go under the “step 1” guidelines, and start from fresh. In an ideal world, I would have.

However. I don’t have the cash to replenish all of the stuff I would be letting go of…for example, I have a pair of black pants – not perfect, but they exist. I *should* have gotten rid of them, but I can’t afford to replace them right now. Instead, I got rid of anything that was ripped/stained/otherwise not-useable, and donated anything that didn’t fit or I had never worn. That got me started. As I can afford to, I will replace what I have.

I did, however, get ruthless with my Ravelry queue. There were so many patterns that I liked, but wouldn’t suit me…or that needed a LOT of moderations. And to be completely honest with myself, there are so many patterns out there that it would have to be an exceptional pattern for me to make a significant amount of moderations (I will shorten/lengthen, add simple shaping, that sort of thing. After that, no.) So I cut a lot of patterns down – to the ones I have a chance of making, or that are truly inspiring. It was very freeing!