My husband and I are moving into a new house (hooray, more space for knitting!). Since we’re passing papers at the end of the month, our free time has been spent packing, organizing, and attending to the thousands of tasks that are necessary when shipping a houseload of stuff from one place to another.

I’ve been working on packing up our office/craft room/library (yes, all one very cramped room), and there have been some surprises. For instance, I was completely unaware of how many US7 needles I have. How many pairs did I think I needed? Why only 7s? I don’t have extras of many other sizes…it’s very odd.

I also found a single sock, with everything but the toe knit. This also confused me. Why did I put it down? Why is just the toe missing? Even weirder, the second sock was completed! I almost have a full pair! There were no huge mistakes (too small/too big, too long, dropped stitches) that I could see…so why was it in time out? Was it even in time out, or did I just *blushes a little here* lose the sock entirely? Properly chagrined, that night after cleaning up the room, I finished knitting up the toe of the sock, cut the ends to graft it…

…and realized that in the process, I’d lost all of my darning needles.