So the whole moving-house thing is much less fun than previously indicated. Just packing my apartment has taken over a week (and, um, trying to hide the extent of my stash has been part of it…), and getting the new house prepared for us to move into has been a challenge.

PSA brought to you today by the number 2 and the letter F…there is a lot of work one can do on a house if you’re reasonably intelligent and coordinated. HOWEVER, there is a lot of stuff that should not be attempted by anyone but a skilled professional. If you’re at all questioning your abilities (or the task involves electricity, gas, or other potentially deadly substance; or involves knocking out walls) PLEASE speak with a pro about whether or not it’s a good idea to DIY.

In knitting news…I’ve finally gotten Mom and Sister #2 to start knitting! Mom is relearning on a first sweater, sister is happily making knit-stitch neckwarmers. …soon we will be discussing the pros/cons of different increases…and swooning over quiviut and vicuna…and Ravelry…at least now they’ve stopped discussing how “weird” I am, and instead want me to teach them new techniques!