Life has changed a lot this summer. We bought a house, I found a new (awesome) job, adopted a new kitten…I haven’t been able to catch my breath! I also went through a strange phase where I didn’t really feel like knitting. I stopped reading blogs, listening to podcasts…heck, I stopped going to Ravelry! Once everything else in my life calmed down, the desire and the drive slooooooowly came back to me.

So now I have been crafting like a maniac! That’s right, “crafting.” Somehow, once the knitting came back, I got this huge desire to do ALL KINDS of other crafts, too. Like sewing, and weaving. It’s been a creative overload! I’m so happy to be back into the swing of things. Though I wonder – had I not gone through a time of knitting-crisis, would I be as happy and open as I am about crafting now?